American performing artist and creative producer Charleene Closshey began studying piano at the age of 2. Music was her first language: she began to read piano scores before words. Since then, she has appeared on Broadway, scored music for films, produced and starred in a feature film next to a pious Viking, released both EPs and LPs across genres, played Irish fiddle with Celtic Thunder, sang opera in Rome, and dueled fiddles with Charlie Daniels (twice).

And her career is just starting to get interesting.

This Capricorn with a Taurus moon seldom lets anything stop her…once she’s considered every detail, that is. A trained Technician attentive to the craft coupled with a freedom to approach a situation with an Artist’s unencumbered creativity, Charleene shines in her roles both in front of and behind the camera.

“For a while, I felt compelled to tells others’ stories — what kind of music to make, how to best create a character, and who I should be to gain some semblance of ‘traction’. I’ve realized life is less about traction and more about connectivity. People matter. Stories matter. And I’m designed to tell stories.”

Charleene’s first starring role in feature film AN EVERGREEN CHRISTMAS (Netflix) was a seamless fit, combining her talents of acting, singing, and playing both the piano and violin on screen and in the score, working beside Academy Award Nominee Robert Loggia and country music legend Naomi Judd. She received a Best Actress nomination at the 2014 California Independent Film Festival, where the film was also nominated for Best Picture and Best Director . AEC won the Audience Choice Award at the AMFM Palm Springs Film Festival the same year.

Her second feature film starring role placed her beside British actor George Blagden, an experience she says reinforced the subtle differences of how actors from opposite sides of the pond often approach the craft. “Honesty is such an integral part of the British approach, and also how I try to approach each of my roles. This karmic idea of giving and receiving really comes to life when actors freely open themselves to their scene mates…that’s when the magic happens.”

Charleene prefers a grounded approach to both her Acting and Musical work, which is most frequently liked to Magical Realism.

“I believe life is actually quite miraculous. Every interaction, every fibre of connectivity — whether pleasing or challenging — opens us up to something greater than ourselves if we so allow. And I think this belief gently spills out into my work.”

On her preferred creative outlets and roles, Charleene says, “Truth and compassion are the singular roles I strive to embody each day. It is my job. Some days are significantly better than others, but I’m so appreciative for each opportunity to connect with audiences through stories, no matter the medium.”


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